Endorphin Technology

Endorphin Technology deals with learning services in various technologies as well as the technological

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solutions Endorphin offers. Our main focus in Technology Learning Service is on Data Security. Objective of the offering is to provide important insight in the area of data security. We emphasize on cognitive method of learning and unlike the traditional thinking, we believe that the learning effectiveness can be improved even in the technological sphere through the ways which endorphin adopts.

The common method

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of teaching is a three step approach in technology training –

1. Pre-training orientation of the subject:
Done through two-line introduction to each important topic and then taking simple test to confirm candidates have understood it. This happens online without direct interaction of the trainer. This constitutes less than 20% of the training content,but lays foundation for further learning making learning easy and effective in the classroom.

2. Classroom Training:
This happens with a lot of experiential learning and practical application of the knowledge. We also make sure that candidates use fair degree of practice during the sessions.

The trainings are backed by reinforcement through evaluation of learning of each topic at the end of each topic. This words very well for both – driving concept deeper in the sphere of understanding and identify immediately if this is not done.

Please go through the Trainings and Certification Trainings offered by Endorphin.