Six Sigma


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Understand Six Sigma from the perspective of your business. Get trained, coached and start a Six Sigma project with the help of Endorphin Technology Consulting.

Develop insight into Six Sigma technique. Understand the fundamental concepts here:

White Belt: – This is an introduction to Six Sigma methodology. The person at this level may not be involved in the real time project. This is an evidence of interest the person has in Six Sigma methodology.

Yellow Belt: – This is an entry level in the Six Sigma Project. The resource at this level understands the terminologies and grasps the objectives of the Six Sigma project. This is a foundational level.

Green Belt: – This is a level three position from the top. Supports a Six Sigma Black Belt by analyzing and solving quality problems and is involved in quality-improvement projects.

Black Belt: – This is the second hierarchical position in the Six Sigma responsibility structure. This resource understands Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including the supporting systems and tools.

Master Black belt:  – Is the top-most position in the Six Sigma responsibility hierarchy. Functions at the Six Sigma program level by developing key metrics and the strategic direction.

Lean Six Sixma: – Lean Six Sigma is a production improvement methodology that focuses on systematically removing waste; combining lean manufacturing/lean enterprise and Six Sigma to eliminate the eight kinds of waste (muda): defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion, extra-processing. As a term in business, it has a broad based customer focus that concentrates on providing more to the customer.

Using the right approach will change the way your business yields results.

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