PCI Family of Standards

FamilyWe help your organization achieve compliance to PCI DSS and other related standards for its latest version and other standards in PCI family. PCI DSS is essential for all the organisations which are involved in any transaction that involves digital money – Card Present or Without Card transaction. We evaluate the systems, products & practices in your organisation and advice what PCI SSC expects before PCI DSS Compliance is conferred.

Importance of Compliance to PCI Family of Standards

Card security is important for everyone involved in the business. The breach or theft of cardholder data affects the entire payment card ecosystem. Merchants and financial institutions lose credibility (and in turn, business), they are also subject to numerous financial liabilities.

As a business, you are responsible for looking after your customer’s card data, regardless who processes the data on your behalf. If you lose card data i.e. suffer a data breach and you are not PCI DSS compliant you could incur Card Scheme fines for the loss of this data and may be liable for the fraud losses incurred against these cards and the operational costs associated with replacing the accounts. Your customers may also not want to do further business with you.

A recent study by The Green Sheet found that only about 16% of Level 4 merchants (business who process less than 20,000 transactions annually) were “very familiar” with PCI compliance (more on the study here). That means the other 84% of small business owners probably feel the same way you do. Have no fear; we are here to help you on PCI compliance and why your business should comply; it’s easier than you might think!

Who should comply with PCI DSS?

Any entity involved in one or more of the following should comply with PCI DSS:

  • Any company that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data must comply with the PCI
  • Basically merchants, service providers & shared hosting providers
  • Merchants are the companies that accept credit cards in exchange for goods or services
  • A service provider is any company that processes, stores, or transmits cardholder data
  • Companies that provide services to merchants or other service providers

We provide consultation on the following –

  1. PCI DSS
  2. PA DSS
  3. PCI PTS

Talk to us for further details on this.