PA DSS Awareness

AwarenessThis one day program is designed for people working inside and outside of application security. Though AppSec security team MUST have a good understanding of this framework, application developers, project managers and compliance teams are a few examples who should also have a fair understanding of the standard.

The delivery is simplified for the candidates to understand the complex parts of the PA DSS. The training will help you Integrate key aspects of implementing PA DSS controls in your management practices. You will be able to make better decisions while choosing technology, product or platform for your organization. You will also be able to understand the commercial implications involved in implementation of those choices and effectively manage security of your applications. It will also provide you insight into how systematic approach and methodology of coding and testing can serve to increase profits of your company. Ultimately, it will help you in managing and maintaining compliance.

Certification is provided to the candidates after successful completion of this program.